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24/7 Automated SEO alerts for your website's SERP performance changes. Track impressions, clicks, CTR, position, and more.


"RickRoll" searches drop


Decreased by 32%

Be alerted when your keyword impressions decline.
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SEO Alerting

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Advanced SEO Alerts

Monitors your SEO performance so you wouldn't have to.

Get notified if your SEO performance changes

Get notified upon a impressions drop. For example, if you'll start to rank lower.

Or if certain keyword clicks rapidly increase.

Receive notifications via Email, Slack, or Zapier.

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Get notified upon SEO disasters

Sometimes bad things happen. People add noindex to their sites.

Prevent the damage of these cases by having low impression alerts. Receive a notification if there are no impressions or clicks.

Works great for any site receiving more than 10 clicks a day.

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SEO Alerts for

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Think creatively and enhance your marketing with SEO data.
See some examples below.

SEO Content Monitoring and Distribution

  • StatsGlitch will automatically keep track of your published content.
  • Certain amount SERP clicks active users will trigger an alert.
  • You'll be able to cross-link and update your content to increase the effect.
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Your content
Google Search Console
Publishing to Facebook
You Publish
Any content to your website
We'll Monitor It, 24/7
To see if it gets popular
Cross-link and Promotion
Add more backlinks

Active Fault Detection

  • StatsGlitch keeps track of your SEO traffic.
  • If impressions drops by a significant amount, you'll get an alert.
  • Notice problems early, prevent SEO disasters.
Code changes
Conversions drop
Website Changes
Update your site without any fear
Detecting a Drop
Traffic / Clicks / SEO is down?
Sending Alert
Notifying you and developers
“StatsGlitch's Real-Time Alerts mean I'm not constantly checking my dashboard. It tells me what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it!”
CEO of Pearl Lemon
“StatsGlitch is the tool that every Google Analytics user needs. The Real-Time alerts is an absolute killer feature to stay on top of our conversions.
James M.
“Whenever a goal completion (set in GA) occurs, I receive the alert instantly, even faster than the native mobile GA app. Wow!”
Cuong T.
14 days free-trial. No credit card is required.