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Focus on the most impactful opportunities to grow your SEO traffic and revenue.
Be notified when things go wrong or unexpectedly well.

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Track the business-critical keywords, 24/7.
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Powerful Google Analytics and
Search Console companion

Smart Insights

Grow your traffic by discovering new opportunities and fixing existing issues.

For Search Console

24/7 Monitoring

Keep an eye of your analytics data. Track active users, pageviews, conversions, and much more.

For Google Analytics and Search Console

Instant Alerts

Get notified when things go wrong. Or when traffic goes through the roof.

For Google Analytics and Search Console

Smart Insights

Streamline your efforts and focus on what matters most. Increase your traffic by identifying new opportunities and addressing current issues.

Trends insights

Learn about your visitors

  • Gain understanding of your site's traffic patterns
  • See a list of questions that your visitors ask on Google
  • Pinpoint top countries and devices
Trends insights

Identify potential CTR issues

  • Get a list of keywords that has lower than average CTR
  • Sorted by the impact and urgency to be fixed
  • Explore each keyword and track improvement effects
Trends insights

Prioritize SEO opportunities

  • Pinpoint the next keywords to focus on
  • Some keywords has a lot bigger opportunity than others
  • Update keywords on your site and see the growing traffic
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24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your website's traffic and get notified when something goes wrong (or exceptionally well)

Google Analytics 4 Monitoring

Google Analytics 4

24/7 Real-Time Analytics Alerts

Get real-time traffic change notifications so you can respond quickly and cut any risk.

Get Real-Time alerts for customer conversions

Get notified upon a Goal completion;
for example, upon user signup.

Or if the Goal exceeds a value;
such as a customer purchased goods for $500.

Instant notifications via Email, Slack, or Zapier.

It works with GA Custom Events too.

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Google Analytics 4

Get alerts if nothing happens

You can minimize conversion losses;
for example, if your payments stopped working.

Set your business hours when you expect conversions;
and receive a notification if there are zero purchases.

Works brilliantly for established E-commerce or SMB.

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Google Analytics 4 Monitoring
SEO Alerting

Google Search Console

Advanced SEO Alerts

Monitors your SEO performance so you wouldn't have to.

Get notified if your SEO performance changes

Get notified upon a impressions drop;
for example, if you'll start to rank lower.

Or if certain keyword clicks rapidly increase.

Receive notifications via Email, Slack, or Zapier.

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Google Search Console

Get notified upon SEO disasters

Sometimes bad things happen. People add noindex to their sites;
or make it otherwise uncrawlable to Googlebot.

Prevent the damage of these cases by having low impression alerts. Receive a notification if there are no impressions or clicks.

Works great for any site receiving more than 10 clicks a day.

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Google Analytics 4 Monitoring

Analytics and SEO Alerts

Receive instant email alerts or connect Slack/Zapier.
“StatsGlitch's Real-Time Alerts mean I'm not constantly checking my dashboard. It tells me what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it!”
CEO of Pearl Lemon
“StatsGlitch is the tool that every Google Analytics user needs. The Real-Time alerts is an absolute killer feature to stay on top of our conversions.
James M.
“Whenever a goal completion (set in GA) occurs, I receive the alert instantly, even faster than the native mobile GA app. Wow!”
Cuong T.
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