24/7 Real-Time Google Analytics Monitoring

Automatic monitoring for your website traffic changes. You can track goal conversions, SEO searches, national holidays, and more.
  • Stop checking your dashboards daily
  • Get real-time alerts when something needs your attention
  • Be aware of your business metrics without sacrificing your time

You have churned users alert! Yesterday you had lost 2 customers.

example.com 6 hours ago

New Revenue alert! Yesterday you sold items for more than $500, congrats!

example.com 2 minutes ago

You have new Organic Searches alert! It significantly dropped to 201

statsglitch.com 12 minutes ago

StatsGlitch detected traffic spike from Facebook! Current active users is 507

statsglitch.com 1 minute ago

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To Scale Your Business And Revenue
Real-Time Content Monitoring and Distribution
1. StatsGlitch will automatically keep track of your published content.
2. Certain amount of real-time active users will trigger an alert.
3. Your popular content will be republished to other channels, like facebook, google ads, or other social media/ppc networks.
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Your content
Google Analytics real-time users
Publishing to Facebook
You Publish
Any content to your website
We'll Monitor It, Real-Time
To see if it gets popular
Automated Promotion
Re-publish it on other channels
... And Avoid Disasters
Code changes
Conversions drop
Website Changes
Update your site without any fear
Detecting a Drop
Traffic / Conversions / SEO is down?
Sending Alert
Notifying you and developers
Active Fault Detection
1. StatsGlitch keeps track of your KPIs, conversions, traffic, and organic search.
2. If any number drops by a significant amount, you'll get the alert.
3. Notice problems early, in real-time or next day at the latest.

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Dozens of Use Cases

Google Analytics Alerts For Traffic, Goal Conversions, SEO searches, And More

Check your weekly goals

With a weekly overview, you can quickly check whether your KPIs are in good shape. This information is essential to know when you're operating in a fast-growing business.

Be aware of the traffic spike

You can get unexpected links/shares from social media or other popular websites. By setting up a StatsGlitch real-time alert, you can be sure that you'll use it for your advantage.

Small & Medium Businesses

Link building strategy

After making a link partnership, you can check how much traffic they're sending back to you. Set up an alert if it's far below your expectations.

Track your email campaign performance

Set the proper UTM tags and know when your outreach campaign has positive results. Receive notifications if you get more leads than you've expected.


Track your referrals

Setup a custom alert to check how much traffic your link sharing partner is sending to you.

Get notifications for any customer traffic problems

Your client’s website might be up, but for one reason or another, the traffic channels to it might be limited. Receive an alert if a site had no traffic when it should.


Sales tracking

If your e-shop tracks purchases as Google Analytics Goals, you can set a sales alert. You can also stay informed if last day purchases were lower than usual.

Unexpected refunds spike

All businesses don't like to deal with refunds, but it's a reality. Set up a refund check to know whenever they've increased more than 20% compared to the previous week.

Different Alert Types To Fit Your Needs

Standard Alerts

Perfect for sites with steady traffic. Choose the metrics you want to track, and we'll alert you when needed.

Be aware when something has changed

Custom Alerts

Already know your traffic and conversion patterns? Choose specific thresholds for each metric, and we'll notify you upon breaches.

Know when a specific metric has changed

Real-time Alerts

Are you working on a sensitive project? Get real-time traffic change notifications so you can respond quickly and cut any risk.

Act fast and stay ahead of your competitors

Be aware when something has changed

Know when a specific metric has changed

Act fast and stay ahead of your competitors

Go Beyond Alerts

Track your KPIs

  • Get a summary of your traffic
  • Choose the metrics you need to track
  • Receive notifications if they fluctuate too much

Weekly client summary

  • Customizable report dashboards
  • Add your agency name and logo, translate the text, and send the report directly to your client

Investigate any changes

  • Compare data to the last month or year
  • Automatically segment data to find a pattern
  • National holidays double-check

Real-World Examples

1. Get Real-Time alerts for customer conversions

Get notified upon a Goal completion;
for example, upon user signup.

Or if the Goal exceeds a value;
such as a customer purchased goods for $500.

Receive notifications via Email, Slack, or Zapier.

It works with GA Events too.

Real-Time alert goal completed
Real-Time alert no purchase

...or even if they don't happen

You can minimize conversion losses;
for example, if your payments stopped working.

Set your business hours when you expect conversions;
and receive a notification if there are zero purchases.

Works brilliantly for established
E-commerce or SMB.

2. Investigate SEO traffic changes

Track Organic Searches to your website;
Be alerted if your rankings drop, and you get fewer visits.

Get a notification if there's a traffic anomaly.

The traffic change must be statistically significant to trigger an alert.

Investigate SEO traffic
understand your traffic

3. Better understand your business visitors

See what visitor segments performed the best;
for example, how many converted visitors were from the US?

Understand the cause of traffic changes in a matter of 30 seconds.

Customize dimensions to split according to your needs.

Get Notified

Receive automatic Google Analytics email alerts or integrate with Slack/Zapier.
Need a custom solution? Use our webhooks.
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What Our Customers Say

StatsGlitch user Deepak
StatsGlitch's Real-Time Alerts mean I'm not constantly checking my dashboard. It tells me what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it!
Deepak S.
StatsGlitch user James
StatsGlitch is the tool that every Google Analytics user needs. The Real-Time alerts is an absolute killer feature to stay on top of our conversions.
James M.
StatsGlitch user Cuong
Whenever a goal completion (set in GA) occurs, I receive the alert instantly, even faster than the native mobile GA app. Wow!
Cuong T.