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Hundreds of happy customers trust StatsGlitch

Discover competitors bidding on your brand...

...14x faster. On average, it will take you up to two weeks to notice a significant drop in your branded traffic through analytics alone. Discover the problem as soon as it occurs to stop the damage.

  • Instant email and Slack alerts.
  • Detailed overview of incidents.
  • Choose from 127+ locations.
Discover competitor bidding on your brand
Google Ads trademark complaint

Protect your trademark

Discovering an unfair competitor is the first but most crucial step. SerpWall will help you prepare an official complaint if your trademark is misused. It can also analyze competitor ads and forward them to your PPC team if they're flagged.

  • Analyze competitor ads.
  • Formulate complaints to Google Ads.

Recover leads and revenue

Every time SerpWall detects your competitor is higher on the branded search than you:

  • You'll get an alert.
  • SerpWall will unpause your Google Ads campaign to ensure you're ranking #1.
  • The campaign will automatically pause to save your budget once there are no more bids on your brand.

Dynamically launch branded campaigns

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