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An actionable list of pages with high Bounce Rate.
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Insights to improve UX

Potential bounce rate problems

An actionable list of pages/devices/sources with high bounce rate.

Top content

List of conversions, splitted by pages/devices/source.

Your highest reach pages

Pages/devices/sources that generate most of your traffic

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Trends insights

Learn about your visitors

  • Gain understanding of your site's traffic patterns
  • Drilldown to get more details
  • Pinpoint top traffic source, countries, and devices
Trends insights

Identify bounce rate issues

  • Get a list of pages, devices, and sources that has lower than usual bounce rate
  • Sorted by the impact and urgency to be fixed
  • Explore each page, device, and source to optimize user experience
Trends insights

Optimize conversion pages

  • Pinpoint the most valuable pages on your site
  • Ensure that those pages have a flawless experience
  • Increase page conversions even more
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