Who's behind StatsGlitch?

Hey there, I'm glad you've asked!

StatsGlitch is a family-run business, operated by a team of four* (Bertha, Armin, Oscar, and Olivia). We enjoy spending time together and have a lot of pets** at home. Some may even say we have too many! 😅

It's likely that you've noticed, we're not your typical company. However, we've been in the Analytics and SEO game for over 15 years. We understand the common challenges that come with these tools. And, we care about what we do. We care about every one of our customers.

StatsGlitch was born out of our own need. We noticed that once we had set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, it was difficult to keep track of everything. It was then that we decided to create a tool that would assist us in monitoring our website's performance and identifying areas for improvement.

We established Munero Company as a parent organization for all of our projects and experiments. StatsGlitch is the first of these and we're thrilled to see it thriving.

Bertha is in charge of product development, while Armin handles all technical aspects and turns coffee into code. Oscar and Olivia are responsible for ensuring that we stay grounded and always keep in mind what's truly important in this life.

* Yes, it's really us in the photo!
** I'm counting 10 right now. And no, it's not our goat in the photo 🙁 but her name is Sandy and she's very lovely!


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